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You can buy a lifetime pasta pass at Olive Garden

13 August 2019

While the Lifetime pass assures unlimited pasta, sauces, toppings, breadsticks and soup or salad for as long as you're still breathing, the Never Ending pass is only valid for as long as Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion runs - from September 23 through November 24.

But the big change is the addition of 50 lifetime passes, available only to those who first win one of the lower-priced tickets. On Thursday, alongside the return of Never Ending Pasta Passes, the popular Italian restaurant chain will be offering a select few customers a new Lifetime Pasta Pass. In 2018, Olive Garden provided the twist of selling a second pass, good for a full year, for $300. Visit for more information. Olive Garden estimates that the pass will be paid off by the time the 45th bowl of pasta is consumed.

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Additionally, 50 customers will be chosen for the chance to buy Lifetime Pasta Passes. Of course, there's no guarantee Olive Garden will still be around in 60 years (or that you'll be around for that matter), and even the most dedicated pasta fan isn't going to eat at Olive Garden for 21,915 consecutive days.

The Darden Restaurants-owned chain warns that it expects the passes to sell out quickly, and advises enthusiasts to join an online waiting room five minutes before the deals begin.

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During the buying process, those interested in acquiring the Lifetime Passes will check a box during check-out to opt in.

The passes can be purchased exclusively for 30 minutes or until sold out, starting at 8 a.m. on August 15. You can take part in the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion on a nightly basis instead, with the unlimited perks starting at $10.99.

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You can buy a lifetime pasta pass at Olive Garden