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Main » WhatsApp's fingerprint unlock feature arrives on Android in latest beta

WhatsApp's fingerprint unlock feature arrives on Android in latest beta

13 August 2019

For the unaware, Fingerprint Lock feature allows WhatsApp users to secure their app via the fingerprint sensor and this feature is pretty much similar to the authentication feature rolled out to iOS users a few months ago.

One of WhatsApp's most awaited features, fingerprint authentication, is finally rolling out to Android users. The iOS version of the feature also has a 15-minute option, which has not been made available on Android.

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To be clear from what's been reported thus far, the screen lock won't affect the way the application runs in the background. If everything goes well during tests, Fingerprint Lock might be deployed to all Android users in the next couple of weeks.

The users who have enrolled to WhatsApp Beta program are said to be getting this update after updating to 2.19.221 version number. It is disabled by default, which means users will have to enable it manually by going into the app's settings menu.

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However, once enabled, the fingerprint security will require you to produce your fingerprint whenever you attempt to open the application. WhatsApp is also reportedly making use of Android's fingerprint APIs, so your fingerprint data is only used on-device for authentication and not sent to Facebook's servers.

Fingerprint authentication has been around on the platform since a year ago to iOS users. However, the reports confirm that the users will be able to reply from the notification or receive calls once the lock is activated. There's also a new "show content in notifications" option added allowing users to decide if they want to show or hide message and sender preview when the fingerprint lock is enabled. If you have already updated to the latest version, and don't see the feature, try backing up chat history and reinstalling the same WhatsApp version.

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The new Fingerprint Lock feature on WhatsApp is offered with three options - "immediately", "After 1 minute" and "After 30 minutes".

WhatsApp's fingerprint unlock feature arrives on Android in latest beta