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System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Announced

13 August 2019

The tweet from Nightdive Studios is incredibly brief and serves only to confirm the existence of an Enhanced Edition for System Shock 2.

Nightdive Studios not only has to fulfill the promise of remaking System Shock, that was delayed, but now is working on remastering System Shock 2. Blood: Fresh Supply, Forsaken Remastered, Turok Remaster and System Shock: Enhanced Edition are some of them. However, with this news it could mean that System Shock remake is nearly ready to be released.

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Developed at Looking Glass Studios, System Shock 2's lead designer was Ken Levine, who went on to create Bioshock. While System Shock: Enhanced Edition had a laundry list of updates, none of those really apply to System Shock 2 - other than perhaps updated resolutions and official mod support. It'll likely be a few years since the System Shock remake is expected to release in 2020, though that could change at some point. System Shock 2 is one of the most influential immersive sims of all time, but quite frankly some parts of it just haven't aged well, especially its often un-intuitive skill tree.

Nightdive is a studio primarily focused on bringing back forgotten titles to a modern market.

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After hearing about the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, what are your thoughts?

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System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Announced