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CNN’s PR Head Responds To Cuomo ‘Fredo’ Meltdown. Trump Jr. Nukes Him

13 August 2019

Several Trump campaign officials jumped on Cuomo for making the comparison between "Fredo" and the n-word.

At issue is Chris Cuomo and a video that has gone widely gone viral that depicts the CNN primetime anchor going off on an individual who appeared to be hectoring him and his family while they were hanging out at what appears to be the outdoor hotel/bar Sunset Beach in Shelter Island, New York.

If he calls Chris Cuomo that again, he could be sleeping with the fishes. "I'm an anchor on CNN", Cuomo said. He was the weak brother. "He was the weak brother".

"Any of you Italian?" "It's an insult to your f-kin" people. "It's an insult to your f**king people!" In the clip, we can hear Cuomo saying that calling an Italian-American "Fredo" is a slur akin to using the N-Word, which has engendered another odd semiotic debate on the Internet. Cuomo asks the man and unknown people off-camera.

"You know my name is not fucking Fredo", he continued, adding, "own what you said".

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"Don't f*cking insult me like that".

In a heated exchange, Cuomo, 49, forcefully responds to the man who seems to be comparing him to Fredo Corleone from the film "The Godfather".

"I'll f--ing ruin your sh-t, man", Cuomo tells him.

The situation then escalates with Cuomo telling the man: "I'll f-ing throw you down these stairs like a f-ing punk... you're gonna call me Fredo, take a f-ing swing?"

The footage which is said to have been taken at an event in NY on Sunday, has been making rounds on social media, sparking a Twitter moment of its own.

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In the 107 seconds of the video, Mr. Cuomo uses forms of the f-word 24 times and uses the s-word meaning "excrement" five times.

"Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup".

The original video was published by YouTube's channel "THAT'S THE Point with Brandon" which said that it had been sent in by a fan.

However, Donald Trump Jr., who was called "Fredo" by CNN's Ana Navarro during an episode of Cuomo's show, tweeted a link to the video from the show and asked "does CNN's head of PR still think "Fredo" is an ethnic slur after watching this?"

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CNN’s PR Head Responds To Cuomo ‘Fredo’ Meltdown. Trump Jr. Nukes Him