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Huawei to invest $3.1bn on 5G network development in Italy

16 July 2019

While the United States government now allows companies to request temporary licenses to do business with Huawei, such an approach obviously slows down a collaboration that was supposed to go much smoother between the Chinese tech giant and its American unit.

Miao said that, in the meantime, the company "is doing business as usual" with its partners in Italy.

"The Government needs to consider whether the use of Huawei's technology would jeopardise this country's ongoing co-operation with our major allies", Lamb said.

However, Huawei is a key supplier of radio equipment to all four major United Kingdom operators.

The UK government had been considering a partial ban of the company, under pressure from the US.

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A report was expected to arrive in the Spring but has not yet materialised.

It also noted that there may be non-technical reasons to ban Huawei from British 5G networks.

"It was particularly noteworthy that the Science & Technology Committee report concluded - in direct contradiction to claims made by the Turnbull Government - that the core network and radio access network can be separated on 5G networks", Huawei Australia said.

It was also concerned that there would be lower competition in the market and that no proof of any vulnerabilities had ever been delivered.

Experts in Ottawa are reviewing the security implications of 5G networks, including Huawei's participation.

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The office of the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, Ralph Goodale, said it can not comment on specific companies, but confirmed it is undertaking an examination of 5G technology and the security and economic implications.

He added in the note: "We feel there may well be geopolitical or ethical considerations that the government need to take into account when deciding whether they should use Huawei's equipment..."

The UK and other countries have been under sustained pressure from the USA in recent months to ban Huawei 5G equipment, amidst broader trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

"And it also says 'we have found no evidence from our work to suggest that the complete exclusion of Huawei from the UK's telecommunications networks would, from a technical point of view, constitute a proportionate response'. The evidence we heard during our evidence session did little to assure us that this is not the case", wrote Mr Lamb in an e-mailed statement.

Canada is another country considering the role of Huawei in its telecoms infrastructure.

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According to these anonymous sources, the Liberal Canadian government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reluctant to make a move on the issue, until the status of the 2 Canadian citizens detained within China gains clarity. Beijing acted after Canadian police arrested Huawei's chief financial officer on a US.

Huawei to invest $3.1bn on 5G network development in Italy