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Destiny 2 Finishing Moves Are Not Just For Show

16 July 2019

Bungie went into just a little extra element on that side of it with Polygon, telling the location that when enemies fall beneath a sure well being degree, an indicator will seem to point out that they are often completed.

Shadowkeep is the next big thing for Destiny 2.

But finishing moves aren't exclusively cosmetic. Smith gave the example of generating ammunition for your Fireteam after each of your finishing moves.

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Luckily, the finishing circulate's gameplay-affecting gain that comes from a mod slotted in a piece of armor is being kept cut loose the cosmetic animation itself, that's similar to an emote. The in-game benefits of final blows aren't impacted by whichever final blow animation players have equipped.

"Forsaken was a huge expansion pack for Destiny 2", said Noseworthy. The studio eventually intends for players to have access to a finishing move randomizer. When players are playing the game and have an enemy almost defeated, and below a certain threshold, they can employ a final flurry with a new system of finishing moves. Players will likely earn the cosmetic finishing moves the same way they do with emotes: through the Eververse store or a rare unlock for a hard in-game challenge. Gamers will initially exclusively be capable to equip one finisher, however Bungie hopes to allow a number of finishers after Shadowkeep goes stay, and finally desires to have a randomizer possibility.

Depending on the power of their finishing move mods, players may need to coordinate who finishes off what in each encounter.

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But finishing moves will also come with a risk/reward factor.

It's worth noting that this system is still in development.

It's not an in-depth breakdown, in part because Bungie is still working on it, but it sounds to me like finishers will be a bit like mini-Supers: Powerful (and flashy) combat enhancement that can save the day when timed properly, and leave you with your ass hanging out when not.

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Destiny 2 Finishing Moves Are Not Just For Show