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Minecraft Earth en route in private beta

14 July 2019

Access is being restricted whereas they work out the load on the game's servers.

Mojang revealed augmented reality game Minecraft Earth earlier this year, and now they have even more exciting news for us, as a closed beta has been announced courtesy of the trailer below. Players can tap on these objects to unlock special items, blocks, and objects to be used in the world around them.

So when can we play Minecraft Earth? Minecraft Earth will turn our world into the ideal template to combine our creativity with reality.

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Mobile games are hot right now, with the release of the new Harry Potter mobile game and Dr. Mario World.

Players can share their virtual Minecraft Earth environment and forge friendships and cooperation within the game.

The Software giant, Microsoft has been interested in little more Action after the success of Augmented Reality games like Pokemon Go.

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The Minecraft world is just nearby.

Microsoft had a really impressive demo for Minecraft Earth at Apple's WWDC conference in June, and this week, the company is officially opening up the closed beta for the new game. You may be invited to join the closed beta so you'll have to check your email from time to time. It starts up in the next two weeks in a limited number of locations on iOS, with Android to follow later. If you are a lover of personalization, know that the skin of the character can be changed in a very similar way to what has already been seen in the original title.

Back in May, Microsoft introduced Minecraft Earth AR game.

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Once you collect enough tappables, you level up and once you have enough resources you can build things that are placed into the real world from your phone screen. A Microsoft or Xbox Live account is also required during registration to get updates on the future release of the beta version.

Minecraft Earth en route in private beta