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Irina Shayk Still Believe In Marriage After Bradley Cooper Split

13 July 2019

Irina Shayk has said she understands the fascination about her relationship with former partner Bradley Cooper, claiming the curiosity is human nature.

The 33-year-old model may be known for her flawless complexion both on and off camera, but the Russian beauty has revealed she has "bad skin and hair days" like everyone else and she doesn't need to always be at her best.

As for why everyone is so fascinated with her private life to begin with, Shayk reasons, "I think it's just human beings: if you can not have it, you want to have it". Moreover, people want you to be just like them, and not your own person. "It's curiosity, I guess", she added.

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Shayk was raised by her mother, Olga, her sister, Tatiana, and her two grandmothers, and said she believes women are capable of anything, including being a working mother. "Do I believe in marriage?"

Shayk said she embodies her ideals by wearing what she wants and ignoring other societal expectations of mothers.

"How is it that people think of this idea?" Sometimes I have a double chin.

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"... You have to be really truly yourself for your kids, otherwise you're living in a lie", she adds, before sharing her thoughts on how being a mom shouldn't change womanhood. While they have been seen together since 2015 and have a two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, the couple has remained very private when off the red carpet and high-profile celebrity events. Irina said to the outlet that she believes text messaging and Instagram messages are partially to blame for the loss of intimacy and companionship, demanding people, "you freaking pick up the phone, call, and say, 'let's have dinner'". "I really believe if you love something, you can prioritize your time". Tell me one reason! "Motherhood is just an addition to your life", the star remarked. I'm like, 'Tell me why. I'm not ideal. I have bad skin days and bad hair days. Tell me one reason!

"To keep a decent relationship and civility, they knew it was time to part and work out a plan for their daughter", an insider said.

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Irina Shayk Still Believe In Marriage After Bradley Cooper Split