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Google is Working on Yet Another Social Network

13 July 2019

Even after the shut down of Google+, which was meant to be a Facebook-competitor but it could never quite get to where Google imagined it, the company is reportedly working on another social network.

Conversely, if you don't have any of your own events to suggest, users can designate their interest in a variety of categories, which Shoelace will use to recommend a number of "hand-picked" activities the app thinks you might like, so you won't have any excuse for saying there's nothing fun to do ever again. The app was created by Area 120, a team within Google that handles the development of experimental projects. In other words, the app's offerings will only be as rich and varied as the activities - or "Loops" - in which its community expresses an interest. Unlike most social networks, the core idea behind Shoelace seems to be focused on meeting new people in person, not necessarily just online.

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The Shoelace app is right now available only in the New York City, and at the first use, the app asks users for their interests.

According to Android Police, Shoelace seems to have a lot in common with Schemer, another location-based social network that Google launched in 2011 and canned in 2014.

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Each day, we find the best things happening around you - from pick-up soccer to free comedy shows - so you don't have to.

With Shoelace, you can create a listing for an event or activity and invite friends or strangers to join in. It's only available in NY right now, but the ultimate goal is to expand to cities across the United States, though that could take some time.

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Aware that the app could raise privacy concerns among some users, Google has added several security features to Shoelace. Since community building is the ultimate goal of this app, they're partnering with select communities, although they didn't really specify which those are. You can request an invite by filling up this Google form.

Google is Working on Yet Another Social Network