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Cash flies out of armored vehicle along I-285 in Atlanta

13 July 2019

Atlanta residents who were cruising along the I-285 on Tuesday night got more than they bargained for when a truck spilled open and dolla dolla bills began to rain down on the interstate. According to CNN, police responded to 911 calls that over 15 vehicles had stopped on the interstate to pick up the money.

The door of an armored auto that was traveling along the interstate came loose and opened, sending piles of money into the air. It felt like a movie or something out of a video game, not something you would see in real life.

Local police say officers and the armoured truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken.

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Speaking to WSB-TV, Sergeant Robert Parsons said: "Those people who do not return the money, we have video, we have tag numbers". The first thing I did was I pulled over and started picking up some money.

For those who picked up cash and kept it for themselves, charges could include theft of lost or mislaid property and could be more serious depending on the amount. Police are checking social media video to find the drivers with sticky fingers.

Authorities said that anyone caught taking the money would be liable for theft.

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Investigators say they will be looking at license plates from videos of the incident posted online. "We understand it was a freakish occurrence, but do the right thing and return the money".

Some people have actually returned their ill-gotten gains: But others apparently chose to scavenge the area for leftover loot on Wednesday.

Motorists driving along a busy highway in the United States couldn't believe their eyes when thousands of dollars of cash began raining down right in front of them. "We're grateful no one was hit and there were no crashes", said Parsons.

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Cash flies out of armored vehicle along I-285 in Atlanta