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Amazon Is Building a Voice-Controlled Robot That's Like a 'Mobile Alexa'

13 July 2019

Amazon is supposedly taking a shot at a higher-quality rendition of its mainstream Alexa-based Echo brilliant speaker to legitimately compete Apple's HomePod and other excellent savvy speakers.

The device could be wider than the current model and may contain at least four tweeters, the report says, citing sources familiar with a prototype of the new Echo.

The robot was first reported by Bloomberg previous year and was met with denial by an Amazon spokesperson who told the outlet that the company doesn't comment on 'rumors and speculation'. It's not clear exactly what tasks this robot would complete, but it would presumably bring Alexa to rooms that don't contain smart speakers.

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In tandem with Vesta, Amazon is also reportedly developing a more high-end version of its Echo smart speaker. The company's hardware foray keeps customers wedded to its ecosystem - buying products from Amazon.com and using services like Prime Video and Prime Music.

EMarketer predicts that Echo will win over approximately 63% of USA market share this year (Google is at 31%).

Audiophiles might take pause when considering Echo speakers as a streaming solution, and instead consider Google and Apple and Sonos. Google commands 31% of the market. In fact, it would appear most users who buy an Amazon Echo don't care about audio quality at all, as the company's most popular smart speaker is the Echo Dot.

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The report also offers details on Amazon's efforts to ready a robot, known internally as "Vesta", as early as this year. While Amazon could pick never to discharge the robot, as of late it has dismantled designers from different undertakings to chip away at it - a sign the organization intends to sell Vesta sooner or later. Anki is possibly the best-known brand to offer a voice-controlled robot, but the company just couldn't make it work.

The arrangement for Vesta was obviously to discharge it this year; however it's not yet very prepared for large scale manufacturing, as indicated by Bloomberg's sources. Bloomberg's description of Amazon's home robot is somewhat similar to an existing product from a startup called Temi.

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