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Amazon internet satellites are the next big thing in tech

11 July 2019

That's the amount of space hardware Amazon will need to initiate Project Kuiper.

Amazon wants the regulatory body to grant permission for the online retailer and cloud service giant to "launch and operate a non-geostationary satellite orbit system using Ka-band frequencies".

The FCC filing claims 3.8 billion individuals worldwide don't have access to reliable broadband, with 21.3 million Americans lacking access to fixed broadband.

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The application was filed on 4th July. The company has petitioned for FCC consent to dispatch 3,236 satellites as a component of Project Kuiper.

The firm is also trying to get said satellites into orbit as soon as possible, with a recent FCC filing noting that it plans to launch 3 236 satellites once it gets the okay from the USA regulatory body. This is a long-term project that envisions serving tens of millions of people who lack basic access to broadband internet.

Up and running: The satellites will fly at 98 orbital planes, at altitudes between 366 and 391 miles (589 to 629 kilometers). In addition to underserved consumers in rural areas, Amazon will also use the network to offer "mobile broadband connectivity services for aircraft, maritime vessels and land vehicles", the filing also notes. The company's Project Kuiper has sent documentation to the U.S. government in a bid to have thousands of satellites launched into space.

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On Tuesday, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai addressed the private sector push for small satellites and his enthusiasm for it. In late June, the company announced that 57 of the first 60 satellites were working as intended and were in communication with the company's ground stations. It will really help those in undeserved parts of the United States get up to speed in the digital age, which of course, will only help to connect people to Amazons wealth of products and services for sale.

Pai also noted that on Tuesday he presented his FCC colleagues a draft order to make it easier and cheaper to license small satellites.

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Amazon internet satellites are the next big thing in tech