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The new Raspberry Pi 4 is here for just $35

25 June 2019

For $35 you will get the 1GB model, and extra $10 gets a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB of RAM, and you can double that to 4GB for an outlay of $55. The big beast that is that lump of RAM is a big upgrade compared to the 900Mhz RAM on the 3B+.

Bluetooth moved beyond the Bluetooth 4.2 tech in the 3B+ (plus BLE).

Physically, you wouldn't notice any difference as the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B looks similar to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

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"The vision behind Raspberry Pi 4 is to make a rich multimedia PC experience accessible to everyone", Upton said. It also provides two micro-HDMI cables and a 32GB microSD card pre-installed with a major new Raspbian Buster distribution. You can also presumably do dual displays with one of the HDMI ports and the pre-existing, HD-ready MIPI-DSI or Composite video interfaces. Where before if you were looking at the board from above, the USB ports were north, and the ethernet port was south.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B contains 1.5 GHz quad-core Broadcom processor with H.265 decoding for handling all the heavy duty tasks. You can conveniently edit documents, draft a presentation, create spreadsheets, and browse the web, all while running two monitors simultaneously in 4K. Oh, it also comes with two USB 3 ports along with with the previous two USB 2 ports. To facilitate the transition, we're not moving immediately to ALL FOUR ports to 3.0, but two of four.

The result is a 2x to 4x performance increase "depending on the benchmark". That'll deliver power up to 15W.

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For those who want to go that route, there is a $120 Desktop Kit that includes a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4; an official case, power supply, and mouse and keyboard; a pair of HDMI cables; a copy of the updated The Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide; and a preinstalled 16GB microSD card. In fact, the new Raspberry Pi 4 is considerably more powerful than its predecessor with the same starting price.

Or you could buy the board on its own for $35 United States dollars if you do so choose.

"This is basically what we've been working towards for the entire history of Raspberry Pi: a credible alternative to a "regular" PC".

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The new Raspberry Pi 4 is here for just $35