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Radiohead share hacked files from OK Computer sessions

11 June 2019

The files were recently stolen from Thom Yorke's archive, with the band deciding to push out the material through Bandcamp after the thief demanded they pay $150,000 for their return. But Greenwood said that instead they are releasing it through the Bandcamp site so fans can decide for themselves whether they'd have been better off never hearing it.

Fans can buy the music for £18 (about $30 Cdn) for the next 18 days.

The music will be available for 18 days for £18 (about $32), will all proceeds (as Greenwood mentioned) going to the organisation Extinction Rebellion, a climate action activist group that "uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse".

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However, instead of giving in to the crooks' demands, Radiohead chose to release all of the 18 hours of stolen content themselves to benefit charity and put them up for sale on Bandcamp, with all the proceeds to go to Extinction Rebellion.

The band said in a Facebook post that last week someone stole a minidisk archive from frontman Thom Yorke containing material "from around the time" of their landmark 1997 album "OK Computer".

Greenwood describes the sessions as "only tangentially interesting, and very, very long".

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When you get hacked and held to ransom you can either cough up the cash or call the hackers' bluff, and Radiohead opted to do the latter. Not a phone download.' He added: 'Rainy out, isn't it though?' It's not v interesting, there's a lot of it.

Stream and download the sessions, which Radiohead are dubbing MINIDISCS [HACKED], at their Bandcamp page.

Police arrested more than 1,130 people during the London protests, at which more than 10,000 police officers were deployed.

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Radiohead share hacked files from OK Computer sessions