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Household air pollution kills 8 lakh people in India annually

07 June 2019

Every World Environment Day has a different host country: this year's host is China, with the official celebration taking place in the eastern city of Hangzhou, in the presence of senior Chinese government officials and Joyce Msuya, Acting Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, (UNEP).

It has been a decade since the United Nations General Assembly passed a breakthrough resolution recognising for the first time that access to clean water is a basic human right.

According to a new United Nations report on air pollution in Asia and the Pacific, the implementation of 25 tech policies in such a region could result in a reduction of up to 20 percent in carbon dioxide emissions and 45 percent in methane emissions worldwide.

Guterres noted that to improve air quality, countries must know her enemy, with deaths and illnesses from air pollution causing tiny particles that penetrate defences every time filling the lungs.

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Let us all promote green living by decreasing our carbon prints, using environmentally friendly products, clean technology, and renewable energy to help ensure an environment with healthy biodiversity and ecosystems that will contribute to sustainable development, human development and human survival. In 2016 in the WHO European Region, more than 550 000 deaths were attributable to the joint effects of household and ambient (or outdoor) air pollution.

Along with all the expansion came the emergence of mega cities, increases in energy consumption, and more emissions of air pollutants.

India and Indonesia have made impressive progress by providing free liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) stoves to over 100 million poor families.

Though Kenya have banned cars using the most sulphurous fuels and limited second hand cars importation to eight years, polution from vehicular emissions remains high.

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Hangzhou, situated in the province of Zhejiang, will host the main event.

Evidence is also emerging of other effects of air pollution, such as diabetes, neurodevelopment issues in children and neurodegenerative conditions in adults. It's a fantastic investment. 'My message to governments is clear: tax pollution; end fossil fuel subsidies; and stop building new coal plants.

Dr Dorota Jarosińska: Air pollution is the contamination of the air we breathe, indoors or outdoors, by any chemical, physical or biological agent that modifies its natural characteristics.

That billions of people today are breathing dirty and deadly air constitutes a global environmental crisis.

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What are some of these actions anyone can take to reduce air pollution? It can now help spur the world to greater action.

Household air pollution kills 8 lakh people in India annually