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Trump to meet with President of Swiss Confederation as Iran tensions heighten

18 May 2019

That might be an effective pitch. That lack of support may reinforce Trump's opinion that our alliances favor our allies more than ourselves, but it also is likely to reinforce Trump's instincts against military intervention.

Ever since the Trump administration unilaterally pulled out of the carefully negotiated agreement that its predecessor concluded between Iran and the principal nuclear powers, including China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom, we've been on a collision course with Iran. An interesting choice for voters who otherwise dislike Trump's foreign policy.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the White House believes Iran is "not gonna like" what Mr. Trump does in response if they take any action against the United States.

"I expected such a situation after Ambassador John Bolton was nominated as national security adviser", he said. That, in turn, has led people in the White House to view Mr. Bolton with deepening skepticism, with some questioning whether his job is in trouble.

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But he's also bristled at reports that have said there are splinters in his foreign policy team. The post-9/11 GOP is thick with hawks. "The Trump administration has not provided any information to this committee on the intelligence behind their decisions or what they plan to do in Iraq or Iran".

Trump himself has sought to cool tensions, asking Iran's leaders to call him to make a deal. American intelligence has indicated that Iran has placed missiles on small boats in the Persian Gulf, prompting fears that Tehran may strike at U.S. troops and assets or those of its allies.

Urban added that USA and allied troops are on a high state of alert in Iran and Syria against a possible "imminent" attack from Iran or groups aligned with the Tehran regime. Either way, the British government is backing the intelligence up.

Their meeting has been seen by USA media as a sign that Trump was likely to seek dialogue with Tehran. For Trump to reclaim control over policy toward Iran may right now be the best, however unreliable, hope for keeping the current mess from escalating into war. In such a context, Iran could seek to alleviate some of the sanctions, while releasing USA hostages is a priority for the White House.

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China's Foreign Ministry cited Zarif as saying that Iran has no intention to withdraw from the nuclear agreement and opposes war. Or maybe he's just annoyed with all the war chatter lately insofar as it implies that his hawkish NSA, not the president, is calling the shots here.

"They are getting way out ahead of themselves and Trump is annoyed", the official said. Earlier this year he ordered USA troops out of Syria but was persuaded to leave some in.

The curbs under the nuclear deal were aimed at extending the time Iran would need to produce a nuclear bomb, if it chose to, to a year from roughly 2-3 months. A day earlier he expressed a desire for dialogue, tweeting, "I'm sure that Iran will want to talk soon". Reaching a grand bargain with Iran on terms favorable to the USA would be a massive case of oneupsmanship by Trump over his predecessor, which would gratify him on a deep level. But how can it happen?

Trump decided a year ago to withdraw from an worldwide agreement limiting Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, and applied fresh actions to cut off Iran's oil and banking sectors in an attempt to alter the Iranian government's behavior. We'll see if President Trump comes around to John Bolton's way of thinking as he remains the most unpopular president in the history of polling.

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The officials warned that releasing other photos could compromise confidential sources and methods of gathering intelligence, the Times reported.

Trump to meet with President of Swiss Confederation as Iran tensions heighten