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Google launches one-stop-shop Trips

18 May 2019

However, even though I'm on the latest Google Maps 10.15.2, I don't have this new interface, so the change seems to be happening server-side. This is an app library that is playing a crucial role in the premium UX that Google's OS has to offer. Turning off "private results" will stop the travel hub from collating information across search sessions and devices, for example. The users will be able to schedule their tour plans or vacations without toggling different apps.

At I/O, Google emphasized a new account picker for several of its apps that lets you easily manage your Google account and would soon add an Incognito mode in Maps and Search.

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There are a lot of travel apps out there but if you don't feel like downloading another app and if you mostly use Google to look for things like flights, hotels, restaurants, etc, then this new tool from the tech giant will be really helpful for you.

Trips is a continuation of a travel-based undertaking that Google began a year ago when it rounded up reservations for hotels and flights to a trip timeline for users signed into their Google accounts and who received Gmail confirmation.

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This is a concept which has never been seen before and Google is not copying any platform. So Google Trips is a platform on its own at the moment.

Google says it's getting serious about services for travellers. Now, it's rolling out on the desktop, and there's even more functionality in the pipeline. "You can either go to or search for something like "hotels in Tokyo" or "Vancouver" to find travel information from a variety of sources in one place". As per Google, Trips will before long show lodgings you've viewed in the event that regardless you have to make booking arrangements. You will have the option to continue planning and all the things you searched for including saved places, flights you're tracking, etc will be on the trip, provided you're signed in to your Google account.

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Google launches one-stop-shop Trips