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Aston Martin's 'Goldfinger' DB5 Continuation Is Full of Hidden Gadgets

18 May 2019

The maker of cars favoured by spy James Bond reported a £17.3 million pre-tax loss for the three months to March 2019, down from a £2.8 million profit a year earlier.

Sean Connery with the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used in the movie "Goldfinger". The vehicle was notably featured in the Goldfinger movie that came out 55 years ago, as well as six other James Bond movies.

The carmaker has now given a broad idea of the 007-quality tricks it would pack in the car's sleeve.

An Aston Martin auto is seen at the production line at the company's world headquarters in Gaydon, Britain, February 14, 2019.

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But the 25 Goldfinger DB5 continuation cars are set to feature a similar array of extras - all standard-fitment on the new cars - which Corbould's team are now perfecting. But going by the list they are awesome even if the automaker may chip off one or two in the final phase.

Now at the interior, there will be a fake radar tracker, a phone in the driver's door, a tray to store weapons under the seat and strategic switches on the hand rest and center console.

However the infamous ejector seat is proving a more hard challenge though a nod to it in some form or other hasn't been totally ruled out as a teaser.

Paul Spires, Works Division's president, confirmed that the finished cars will also have rotating numberplates, a sliding "bulletproof" rear deflector and a representation of the original DB5's famous ejector seat, although one that won't actually be capable of firing passengers out of the vehicle.

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These will be "continuation cars", meaning that, although newly built, they will be exactly like the 1964 DB5s in almost all respects except for the fancy gadgets. The logo of Aston Martin is seen on a auto displayed at the Aston Martin stand during the press days of the Paris Motor Show, Oct. 3, 2018.

An worldwide auction house is holding a vehicle sale of James Bond's favourite wheels.

The vintage cars will be made in the Aston Martin Works facility in Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire.

The Newport Pagnell site is also a leading heritage service and restoration facility as well as a new auto dealership where customers can view, purchase, service and restore cars from every era of the marque's 106 years. Deliveries are not expected to happen until 2020.

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Aston Martin's 'Goldfinger' DB5 Continuation Is Full of Hidden Gadgets