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Arriving Soon: Pokemon Rumble Rush Mobile Game

18 May 2019

The more players explore the game world and take part in special events, the more Pokemon they will discover-possibly including Legendary and Mythical Pokemon! A close alpha launched with that announcement, but after that, The Pokemon Company went radio silent on the game.

The new Rumble Rush game is a brawler-focus game that is actually Pokeland, the game that seems to have disappeared after it was announced a few years ago.

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Pokemon Rumble Rush does not have a release date, though at least it's available in Australia. Fast forward to 2019, it has been renamed "Pokemon Rumble Rush", and is already available for Aussie players, Eurogamer noted.

Not long after Fire Emblem Heroes developer DeNA announced that they would be working on a Pokemon mobile game, we now know that Pokemon Rumble Rush will be coming to iOS and Android soon.

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The game is now only available for Android and in Australia. Power gears raise a Pokemon's stats and help it with battles, and summon gears let a Pokemon temporarily summon another Pokemon for battle. Once it launches in your region, download it through the Google Play app or Apple's App Store.

Just like any other instalment of the Rush series, you control a character who travels to many islands in order to beat and capture pokemon, so that he or she can become the most powerful master. During exploration, a hint function might display the Pokemon species that inhabit that area, and when players view a map of an island, they might also see hot air balloons floating by. To win this Super Boss Rush, players will need different types of strong Pokemon with different skills to defeat the Super Bosses. By tapping the screen, the players' partner Pokemon will rush in and attack each oncoming wave.

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Arriving Soon: Pokemon Rumble Rush Mobile Game