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Deepest undersea dive reveals depths of humanity's filth

15 May 2019

On the deepest ocean dive ever made by a human inside a submarine, a Texas investor and explorer found something he could have found in the gutter of almost any street in the world: trash.

First, Vescovo will dive to the second deepest trench in the Pacific, the Tonga Trench, he says there is a slim chance it could actually be deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Details of his trip were released on Monday. Movie director James Cameron made the descent in 2012 but failed to beat out the record.

The team also found what they think are four new species of amphipods, or shell-less crustaceans.

At the deepest point on the planet, Vescovo found what looked like plastic.

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In the May/June issue of Hydro International we'll publish an article about the Five Deeps Expedition.

The Mariana Trench is a deep and long hole in the Pacific Ocean floor between Japan and Australia. He is aiming to tackle the Arctic's deepest point-known as Molloy Deep- in August this year. The dives are intentionally planned in parts of the ocean that haven't been thoroughly explored. He will have been to the "roof of the world", Mt. Everest, and its' floor, the Mariana Trench.

Mr Vescovo journeyed 10,927 metres to the bottom of the Challenger Deep as part of a mission to explore the world's deepest underwater places. 3 Both the Trieste and Deepsea Challenger only descended to the bottom of Challenger Deep once.

Prior to Cameron's dive, the first-ever expedition to Challenger Deep was made by the U.S. Navy in 1960, reaching a depth of 10,912 meters.

These conditions also made it challenging to capture footage - the Five Deeps expedition has been followed by Atlantic Productions for a documentary for the Discovery Channel. "Those maps, once we've processed them and cleaned them up, they will get put on online repositories, so they will be made available to anyone who wants to use them", said Jamieson.

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Victor Vescovo, a private equity investor, climbed the highest peaks on the planet's seven continents before turning his attention to the ocean's extreme depths. The Limiting Factor is described as the world's first two-person, titanium-hulled submersible fully tested to 120% of full ocean depth.

The alleged deepest manned sea dive ever recorded showed us just how far down our trash goes.

Mr Vescovo said: "It is nearly indescribable how excited all of us are about achieving what we just did".

"That is my honest hope - to sell the system to an institute, government, or individual, that can use the whole diving system to advance marine science for decades to come". "It was a very happy, peaceful moment for me. And then I came up".

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Deepest undersea dive reveals depths of humanity's filth