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US stocks tumble as China hikes tariffs

14 May 2019

"Farmers continue to bear the brunt of the trade wars". You are also creating incentives for the exporting country to drop their prices, which may hurt their economy. Some may argue that President Trump is lying, but this is legitimate ignorance.

For months, as American and Chinese officials faced off at the negotiating table, China's media downplayed the trade tensions.

"Markets were prone to a selloff after a good start to the year on expectations of policy easing from central banks and no escalation of trade tensions, and it's this latter pillar that has come away". "They are not victims of China's 'unfair competition'". Trump said in his first tweet. Economists say more might follow to reduce the risk of American tariff hikes. But one estimate puts the cost of those jobs at $900,000 a piece, given the tariffs. This should have been done by our leaders many years ago.

"Booming" is certainly a subjective claim, but the numbers and indicators do not seem to back it up.

"Make your product at home in the United States of America and there is no Tariff".

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The announcement followed an increase of US duties on $200 billion of Chinese imports to 25% from 10% in the increasingly bitter dispute. "The trade war in the USA is the creation of one person and one administration, but it affects that country's entire population", it continued.

Boeing plunged 4.9%. A spokesman for the company said Boeing was "confident the USA and China will continue trade discussions and come to an agreement that benefits both USA and Chinese manufacturers and consumers". Before voicing support for Trump's 2020 election campaign, American citizens should think twice - who on earth is paying for their president's tariffs?

Undeniably, China will also suffer.

Here, Trump does not repeat the claim, but he sure seems to suggest it. This could have a great effect on companies that manufacture their laptops, smartphones, tablets or other electronics in China, such as Apple and Microsoft, as well as one company based overseas that ships to the sell their products. "The United States' economy is in a boom", he said. But to the surprise of many, China has yet to retaliate with new tariffs of its own.

Let's, for a moment, set aside the "Tariffs from China" sleight of hand (which we explained above).

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It's possible President Donald Trump's tariffs on China could help the US secure a better trading relationship but the strategy could instead blow up in his face, according to a respected USA economist.

Except Kudlow himself acknowledged just the day before that they were not. China industrial production and retail sales are slated for Wednesday, same day as USA retail sales and industrial production. That is $40 billion, which is enough to drop the growth rate by 0.2 percent - or turn a 3.2 percent GDP growth rate into a 3 percent rate. "Would be wise for them to act now, but love collecting BIG TARIFFS!"

This week, "trade war" is again spiking, according to the analysis. "Made in China" products have been the most sought-after across the globe. For instance, last week at the White House, he said, "Our country can take in $120 billion a year in tariffs".

But that is not really the argument Trump is making.

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US stocks tumble as China hikes tariffs