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Pregnant woman shot, killed by Texas officer during struggle over Taser

14 May 2019

A police officer in Texas has allegedly shot and killed a woman who may have reached for his taser during an altercation.

The shooting happened late Monday in Baytown, about 25 miles (40km) east of Houston. Steve Dorris says the officer was patrolling an apartment complex and attempted to arrest the 45-year-old woman, whom the officer had previously dealt with, because he knew she had outstanding warrants.

Witness video from the encounter, which was posted to social media and went viral overnight, shows the officer attempting to apprehend the woman near a parked vehicle. Whether it means walking through a bloody police shooting to help a family find justice or showing the multifaceted talent of the Black Diaspora I write the news.

A "pop" can be heard - which came from a police stun gun, according to Good Morning America - and a struggle ensues.

Family members were not able to confirm if Turner was pregnant at the time, and police will not be able to confirm until an autopsy is completed.

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Investigators say he tried to arrest the woman, but she struggled with him and he tased her. Police say it was not effective and she was able to get the taser away from the officer and tase him.

"You're actually harassing me", she was heard yelling at the unidentified officer, telling him angrily, "I'm actually walking to my house".

One woman tweeted that the officer Tasered the unarmed woman twice and shot at her five times while she was on the ground.

He added, "It's a tragic event for everybody involved".

The officer has been placed on paid administrative leave, Dorris said. The Harris County District Attorney's Office is assisting in the investigation.

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"It's unfortunate that somebody takes a tragic incident like this and posts it on social media", he said.

Residents of the apartment complex told the station that Turner was harmless and that she typically just walked around the neighborhood with her pet. "That's extremely disrespectful for everybody involved".

A neighbour in Baytown, near Houston, Raquelle Cuellar told ABC 13: "It was a sad situation".

The video of the police shooting can be seen on the next page.

Police are searching for the person who recorded the video, with Dorris denouncing the action.

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