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'Arthur' kicked off 22nd season on PBS with gay wedding

14 May 2019

"Mr. Ratburn is married", says Arthur. In 2005, its spin-off show Postcards from Buster featured a lesbian couple in the episode "Sugar Time". When Arthur and his friends find out their teacher is getting married, they assume that he is getting married to a female rat named Patty.

While the late-Arthur spin-off show Postcards from Buster once featured a gay couple in a 2005 episode entitled Sugartime, it was denounced by former US secretary of education, Margaret Spellings, according to Variety. They believe the woman is his bride and devise a plan to stop the wedding. Although the word "gay" wasn't used in the show, it demonstrated to young viewers that men can marry men both in the show and real life. That cheery children's show that you watched back in the day at 3pm on ABC when you got home from school?

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The animated children's series Arthur entered its 22nd season with a celebration in an episode titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone".

The Mr. Ratburn wedding drew its share of critics and supporters on social media.

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In the season 22 premiere, the students see Mr. Ratburn speaking to an uptight lady, voiced by guest star Jane Lynch. When Mr. Ratburn walks down the aisle, he is arm in arm with a man. As it turns out, that woman is his sister, and the infamously strict teacher is actually marrying the guy from the chocolate shop - which gets instant approval from Arthur and his classmates.

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'Arthur' kicked off 22nd season on PBS with gay wedding