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Microsoft to release Surface Buds to compete with Amazon and Apple

17 April 2019

Following the launch of its Surface-branded headphones past year, Thurrott reports that Microsoft now wants a piece of the true wireless earbuds action.

The Surface earbuds stem from Microsoft's desire to leverage that audio technology in more products, Sams reports. Of course the difference here would be that Microsoft's option would be powered by Cortana, its own AI and competition to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

Microsoft's Surface headphones and their carrying case. "Thurrott does say that the buds could contain a feature that "[improves] interactions between a phone and the earbuds" to make reading websites, e-books, and other digital content easier on smartphones, but that functionality may not make it into the final product.

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It wouldn't be Microsoft's first foray into high-end headphones, either.

Microsoft also isn't the only tech giant looking to take on Apple.

The headphones, under the reported codename Morrison - a likely reference to The Doors frontman Jim Morrison - could be called Surface Buds, though that could change, Thurrott reports. These features would include active noise cancellation, Cortana integration, answering questions and controlling music, and great battery life, though nothing has been concretely mentioned.

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A Bloomberg report last month said that Amazon is developing earbuds with its AI Alexa assistant built into them.

The company's reinvention under Satya Nadella has brought us many things, some good, some bad, but one of the words that keep coming back is "cuckold".

The new head phones cost the same as the original version.

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They're available for purchase now online and in Apple stores.

Microsoft to release Surface Buds to compete with Amazon and Apple