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Tesla Launches Leasing Program for Model 3

13 April 2019

Customers after the limited standard model will have to call or go into tone of their brick and mortar Tesla stores as the model has now been removed from the online store. For example, Autopilot used to cost $3,000 when added to the $37,500 Model 3 Stand Plus, but now it comes as standard for $39,500.

Despite coming to that conclusion in such a short space of time, Tesla says it will continue to offer the Standard Range as a special order product, available by phoning the company or visiting one of its showrooms.

The new Standard will have a software-limited range that's 10 percent less than the Plus.

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It hasn't even been two months since Tesla unveiled the long-awaited $35,000 Model 3, but it's already been removed from the online configurator, relegating it to off-menu ordering, like a weird Jamba Juice smoothie.

Apparently addressing controversy over Autopilot price cuts, Tesla has made a decision to simply bundle the feature as a standard safety feature across its entire lineup.

In responding a follower on Twitter encouraged Tesla owners to buy a product that covers up a camera over the rear-view mirror of their cars, Musk, 47, confirmed for the first time that the goal of the camera was to record video when owners put their auto on the network. Notably, the Standard Plus' price increased to $53,700. Tesla announced that Autopilot will now be standard on all Tesla vehicles (with the exception of the $35,000 car). United States customers can choose from 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 mile annual usage options, depending on their budgets and driving.

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Tesla is also offering a Model 3 lease for the first time, though with a big caveat. The minimum deposit is $3,000, but the payment due at signing will vary from $4,199 to $4,584 depending on the variant.

In today's announcement Elon Musk;s ambitious company say customers are now able to 'lease Model 3 for a small down payment and competitive monthly payments.' Leasing customers can select an annual mileage option of 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles.

Here's where the leasing gets weird. Notably, leasers won't have the option to purchase their vehicle at the end of the lease as Tesla aims to repurpose them for its future ride-hailing network.

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Tesla Launches Leasing Program for Model 3