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Krispy Kreme owners admit family history of Nazi ties

26 March 2019

The investigation also found that Reimann Sr. donated to Hitler's paramilitary SS force as early as 1931.

These findings were in fact from a study commissioned by the younger generation of the Reimann family themselves.

JAB Holdings is a privately-held conglomerate that has investments in a wide portfolio of global companies, among them Peet's Coffee, Keurig Green Mountain and Dr Pepper-Snapple.

The Reimann family's business empire is rooted back to the 1820s when Albert Reimann Sr.'s grandfather, Ludwig Reimann, inherited his wife's family chemical business.

According to the AFP, the company employed as many as 175 forced laborers, and produced items for the Nazi military and weapons industry.

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Over the past seven decades the secretive Reimann family has amassed a fortune of €33 billion, the second largest in Germany, through products such as Wella shampoo, Douwe Egberts coffee and Calgon water softener.

Today, 90 percent of JAB Holding is owned by Albert Reimann Jr.'s nine adopted children.

Ancestors of the Reimanns were probed by the Allied forces following World War II, and were prohibited from doing business until the U.S. overturned the ruling. Family records from the days of Hitler's Third Reich convinced current-day members of the clan to commission a probe in 2014 into possible connections with the Nazis.

Reimann Sr. died in 1954.

The historian's research is still underway and is expected to conclude next year. The company has not provided compensation to any of the forced laborers, "but we have since talked about what we can do now", Harf said.

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The findings were made public in a Bild story on Sunday. "These crimes are disgusting".

The Reimann family probably needs more time to decide on the proper remedy for the newly uncovered dark history.

The German government apportioned 10 billion marks in 2000 (approximately 5.1 billion euro; approximately 5.8 billion USD) to fund investigations into companies like AEG, Deutsche Bank, Daimler-Benz, and more, to determine whether the companies were historically involved with Nazis.

"The whole truth must be put on the table", he said.

The Reimann family plans to donate $11 million to an undisclosed charity in response to what happened, Harf said.

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Krispy Kreme owners admit family history of Nazi ties