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Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Reportedly Paid $1M by EA to Stream Apex Legends

16 March 2019

These days, Ninja typically streams "Fortnite", a battle royale game, so it makes sense why EA Entertainment would pay him to play their own battle royale game. Popular streamers such as Tyler "Ninja" Blevins deserve a tip of the hat for hopping on board, and it appears they were paid handsomely for their time. It's definitely not a strategy affordable for every company - and not necessarily one that will fit every game - but paying these streamers likely cost less than the traditional TV advert while arguably reaching a more appropriate audience. In particular, EA supposedly approached Ninja with a massive deal, offering $1 million in exchange for coverage.

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The promotional relationship wasn't a secret-his stream was labeled as an "Apex Legends partner"-but the amount involved is staggering, particularly given that the report suggests that it was exclusively for launch day".

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Hot on the heels of alleged new characters for Apex Legends being data mined, developer Respawn has downplayed the credibility of said leak in the run up to the launch of the game's Battle Pass. Beyond the initial paid streams, though, appearances were of their own volition. A bevy of other large streamers were recruited by Electronic Arts to play the new game on launch as well, although again no confirmation on just how much they money received. "After midday Tuesday, Feb. 5, all Apex Legends streaming content has been organic".

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Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Reportedly Paid $1M by EA to Stream Apex Legends