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President Donald Trump meets Arlene Foster in Washington

16 March 2019

On the prospect of another referendum, Mr Trump said: "I don't think another vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people that won".

Donald Trump has said Theresa May ignored his suggestions on how to negotiate Brexit and he is surprised at how badly it has been handled. "But I think it could have been negotiated in a different manner".

Prior to the breakfast, Varadkar said differences between their administrations' views on gay rights are clear, but that the two countries have a good working relationship, according to the Independent.

"We can do a very big trade deal with the United Kingdom".

"The potential is unlimited!" he tweeted.

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When pressed on what advice he gave to May, Trump answered: "Well, I just told her what I would do and how I would do it".

Turning to Mr Varadkar, he said: "Leo, I'm sure you agree on that".

The Taoiseach referred to Mr Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan and said that while the U.S. had military might and a booming economy, they shouldn't lose sight of what makes America great already - its people and its values.

The visit and the news conference were the day after the June 23 Brexit vote, not the day before.

British lawmakers voted Thursday not to seek a do-over vote, at least for now.

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"The Irish government has played a very adversarial role", Gardiner said. Varadkar said he appreciates what the president has done for his country economically.

It was potentially the thorniest meeting in Mr Varadkar's packed Washington schedule but it passed off well, with Mr Pence promising to visit Ireland with his mother Nancy to see their ancestral home. Pence got the pronunciation right - "TEE-shuck" - and said he, too, plans a trip to Ireland shortly.

The annual Shamrock Presentation between the Taoiseach and the President of the United States has taken place.

. He was proud to be an American, but I can still hear that Irish brogue in my heart when my grandfather used to talk about the old country and his home across the pond.

He added: "The United States and Ireland are bound together with ties of both kinship and friendship, a really great friendship". "Friendly disagreements happen in diplomacy all the time". "One way or the other it's going to work out".

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President Donald Trump meets Arlene Foster in Washington