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New Zealand shooting: Brenton Tarrant called for attack on 'invader' Sadiq Khan

16 March 2019

A police presence has been placed at mosques around the country and ramped up throughout Christchurch.

Ranstorp told Swedish radio Friday that the New Zealand shooter, who killed at least 49 people in two mosques in Christchurch on Friday, claims to "have been in contact with Breivik's sympathizers".

Police in New Zealand said there were "multiple fatalities" following shootings at two mosques in Christchurch and said they had one suspect in custody. In addition, 48 people have been injured and are now being treated at a Christchurch hospital.

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Three Bangladeshis were among the dead and one was missing, the consulate said.

A total of 41 people were killed at a mosque on Deans Avenue, Ardern said, and seven were killed at a mosque on Lynwood Avenue.

Just heard news of the devastating reports from New Zealand Christchurch. According to law enforcement officials, the man has been charged with murder and is scheduled to appear in a Christchurch court on Saturday.

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"Police are responding with its full capability to manage the situation, but the risk environment remains extremely high", he said in a release on Friday.

New Zealand allows ownership of semi-automatic guns frequently described as "assault rifles" that are banned in countries such as Australia and the UK. That was almost 30 years ago and was the deadliest shooting in New Zealand's history, until Friday. It has no place in New Zealand.

The man in the shocking video described himself as Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian.

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That said, the two countries are dramatically different in size, with New Zealand having a population of less than 4.8 million people while the US has an estimated 327.2 million people, but the gun violence rates are notably different when looked at with comparitive sizes.

New Zealand shooting: Brenton Tarrant called for attack on 'invader' Sadiq Khan