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Google cleans up by banning over 2 million 'misleading' ads in 2018

16 March 2019

Google is also launching a new policy manager in Google Ads to help advertisers with what it says are common policy mistakes and help them create compliant ads.

The company also identified and terminated almost one million bad advertiser accounts, which is nearly double the amount that were terminated in 2017.

The new platform will allow advertisers to monitor policy restrictions of ads, keywords, and extensions across their entire account. Our ads are meant to connect users with relevant businesses, products and services; but bad ads ruins the experience.

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The company also announced a for its Google Ads program in order to help advertisers create ads that comply with its advertising policies. This resulted in the removing of ads off nearly 28 million pages that violated company policy. Google added new policies in 2017, and highlighted its efforts in this year's report, noting it took down ads on roughly 1.2 million pages, 22,000 apps and 15,000 sites for violating policies around misrepresentative, hateful or low-quality content.

Last year, Google undertook multiple steps to tackle misleading ads on its platform.

Google removed nearly 207,000 ads for ticket resellers, over 531,000 ads for bail bonds and about 59m phishing ads.

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In terms of misinformation, Google removed ads from around 1.2 million pages, over 22,000 apps, and almost 15,000 sites across its ad network for violations of policies directed at misrepresentative, hateful or other low-quality content.

To improve its machine learning technology, Google launched 330 detection classifiers to determine an ad's "badness" directly on a website, around three times as many classifiers it introduced in 2017. It also banned 58.8 million phishing ads a year ago. Almost 143,000 election ads in the US were verified and listed in a new political ads transparency report that gave more information about who bought election ads.

Google can sometimes detect policy violations during the ad creation process. More specifically, around 74,000 pages were removed for violating Google's "dangerous or derogatory" content policy, and around 190,000 ads were taken down for policy violations.

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Google cleans up by banning over 2 million 'misleading' ads in 2018