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Conservative Party split down the middle as Parliament votes to delay Brexit

16 March 2019

Her Cabinet (members) are disloyal and she has lost two major votes on her deal.

Quitting the EU after 46 years on 29 March remains the legal default unless EU leaders unanimously grant Britain an extension, with the issue likely to dominate a 21-22 March EU summit in Brussels.

And a Survation poll for the Daily Mail found that that Conservative voters want hard-line Brexiteer and Remainer Tories to toe the line and back the Prime Minister.

Ms Mordaunt said: "I voted against delaying Brexit, but the Parliament agreed to an extension".

Speaker of the House John Bercow was criticised by a number of Conservative Brexiter MPs for not selecting any of the amendments which would categorically rule out a second referendum; although, as he pointed out, any MPs strongly opposed to a second referendum could vote against Amendment H without difficulty. Now it looks as if this is Mrs May's most likely course of action.

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"We've always said in Ireland, if the United Kingdom asks for more time, for one to prevent no deal, a crash-out Brexit happening, but secondly to implement a clear plan and strategy to reflect on and perhaps change direction in regard to Brexit, well then Ireland certainly wouldn't be an obstacle to that", Coveney told a conference.

PROFESSOR MARC STEARS, director of the Sydney Policy Lab at the University of Sydney.

In the event of a Brexit delay to end-2020, European Union leaders could instruct their officials to negotiate with Britain on their future relationship: "In these 21 months to the end of 2020, we could say that we really want to negotiate straight away on the future relationship".

Following yesterday's vote by the British parliament, UK Prime Minister Theresa May will ask for an extension.

A third round of voting witnessed MPs approving a motion calling for a delay to Brexit from March 29 to June 30, as long as May's deal is backed by March 20.

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German Justice Minister Katarina Barley told broadcaster RBB yesterday that she believes that the European Union would be ready to delay Brexit, "but one has to have a plan on what is supposed to happen during this period", Reuters reported.

Next week, MPs will be asked to vote again on Theresa May's deal, which they've already rejected overwhelmingly twice.

Still, Mrs May has an arduous task ahead.

The MP was speaking after a crucial vote in the Commons - which his party did not support - passed a motion to delay Brexit. "She will bring it back for a third time next week and (it) probably stands a better than 50-50 chance of passing despite everything".

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Conservative Party split down the middle as Parliament votes to delay Brexit