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Android Q will break clipboard manager apps

16 March 2019

Android Q will prevent apps from launching an activity while in the background so you don't suddenly find an app jump in front of what you're doing.

Most of the tested apps had a review score of four or higher on Google Play's five-star scale, making it hard for users to derive any meaningful, impartial information about an app's efficacy, AV Comparatives reports. The company installed the app, automated the phone to open a browser, download a malicious app and then install it. It could also send users to the Play Store or other markets where infected apps were available. "If a developer, or another third-party, can slide malicious code into an Android app, then it's incredibly hard to control how that access is being utilized by whom and for what objective". Some security apps couldn't run on Oreo; for those, AV Comparatives used Android 6.01 running on a Nexus 5 instead.

In addition, the company suggests developers provide a clear understanding on what the app needs to use location data.

Android Q will break clipboard manager apps
Android Q will break clipboard manager apps

Some apps would even block themselves, in instances when the devs would forget to whitelist themselves.

Don't assume every antivirus app on Android will keep you safe.

Whereas some of these blacklisted apps are just posers doing nothing other than duping users and cashing in on their ignorance and vulnerability, others are outright unsafe as they even got flagged by other malware-detection apps.

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Fake antivirus - - has over 10K installs but isn't scanning any files for malware. Others were found by the researchers at AV-Comparatives to have had their malware reference databases last updated ages ago, rendering them useless when it comes to detecting emerging threats.

They did this some 2,000 times, for different apps and different viruses.

Is the app you're using right now a malicious one, check it here.

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More than half of the apps - 138 out of 250 - either detected 30 percent or less of the malicious samples or had high false-positive rates, meaning a non-malicious app gets flagged as being bad, AV Comparatives says. This is to ensure a consistent experience across the Play Store.

The results of the report are absurd: the antivirus apps are detected as malware and highlight the current situation of the Android antivirus sector, where the real IT security providers would be very few. Like the ability to cause the phone to vibrate or push app notifications. For example, an app that automatically tracks the mileage you drive for tax filing, without requiring you to interact with the app.

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Android Q will break clipboard manager apps