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Former NYPD Commissioner Calls for Obstruction Investigation into Clinton Email Probe

15 March 2019

Page testified before the House Judiciary Committee in July 2018. Both interviews took place last summer.

According to recently released transcripts of her testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Page explained that Strzok initially had reservations about joining the Mueller team because if it didn't result in anything material it could delay his upward mobility within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "It matters, but it does not matter like a person associated with a presidential campaign receiving and potentially accepting, which we don't know, obviously, but the risk that somebody had received and accepted an offer of assistance from Russian Federation, which I view as our sort of most treacherous adversary".

"But they were the personal communications, not the work ones", added Strzok, who acknowledged having an extramarital affair with Page. Strzok was dismissed from Robert Mueller's team once the text messages were uncovered by internal investigations.

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Goelman did not provide a specific date for the deletions.

Lynch said a team of career members of the Justice Department and FBI will present her with recommendations on how to proceed once the investigation has concluded and that she plans to accept the guidance.

Asked in general terms whether he had "ever been part of the FBI's efforts to infiltrate a US political campaign" or "been part of an effort to put a spy in a USA political campaign", Strzok said no. He also played a leading role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which focused on whether the 2016 presidential candidate mishandled classified information on her private email server. The former secretary of state provided another 30,000 emails to the State Department in December 2014.

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Other parts of Page's testimony touch on her controversial text message conversations with her lover, Peter Strzok, about an "insurance policy" to use against Trump if he won the 2016 election. "No he won't. We'll stop it". Strzok said he made the counterargument, that if Trump won and people alleged to be involved in nefarious activity were put in national security positions, "we might need to protect America by finding out whether these allegations are accurate or not and making sure that the government, President Trump in that case, was making special - or appropriate decisions".

"She was not considered a target by the Justice Department", Mr. Strzok told the House Judiciary Committee, saying that while investigators saw her as a "critical player", she was "not by any means the only person that we had an investigative interest in".

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Former NYPD Commissioner Calls for Obstruction Investigation into Clinton Email Probe