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Canterbury measles cases hit 28 as thousands of vaccine doses delivered

15 March 2019

Tam says she plans to work with partners and stakeholders to address misinformation around vaccines, adding children's health is a shared priority.

The Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday said that it will step up its measles vaccination activities among school children from Kindergarten to Grade six before the end of the academic year.

"By isolating yourself you will help protect vulnerable people including babies, pregnant women, cancer patients and others who are unable to be immunised and for whom the impact of the disease can be devastating", Dr Mc Elnay says.

"GP teams are also focused on providing the vaccine to young adults aged 14 years to 28 years who have never been immunised".

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"Logistically general practice simply can't vaccinate everyone at once".

"We are also very aware that one MMR vaccine does provide 95 per cent coverage for our population".

The Vancouver-area outbreak now stands at 71 confirmed cases of measles.

Dr Pink said there have been seven cases of people with measles being hospitalised and two were in intensive care, but all those cases have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

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Wellington issued information sheets about the highly-contagious disease to early childhood centres and schools. From my perspective, even one child dying of measles is unacceptable.

"Anyone with measles needs to be isolated from the time they become ill until 5 days after the rash has appeared". Symptoms include fever, sore eyes and a cough followed three or four days later by a red, blotchy rash spreading from the head and neck to the rest of the body.

TUHS has stated that throughout the outbreak they will be taking several steps, including "updating and educating the campus community; treating and educating anyone who presents symptoms; and identifying individuals who have been in close contact with symptomatic individuals and recommending that they receive the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine". If you think you have the measles, it's important to call before visiting your doctor to avoid you spreading the virus in the waiting room.

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Canterbury measles cases hit 28 as thousands of vaccine doses delivered