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Unvaccinated Kids Are Now Banned From Schools In Italy

14 March 2019

Schools across Italy have been ordered to turn away unvaccinated children under strict new laws that went into effect Monday.

Italy's so-called Lorenzin law, named after the former health minister who introduced it, states children must receive a set of mandatory injections before attending school. The consequences for failing to comply with the legislation reportedly varies depending on how old the child is.

The deadline for parents to provide proof of vaccination was on Monday, according to news reports.

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And fines as high as roughly $560 could also be implemented if older children - ages 6 through 16 - are unvaccinated, according to the BBC. However, the B.C. government has said that it is only planning to require mandatory reporting of vaccination status in the upcoming school year.

"No vaccine, no school", Giulia Grillo, Italy's Minister of Health, told La Repubblica. ". No vaccine, no school".

They include vaccinations for chickenpox, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella.

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The fresh law took place amid an increase in measles cases, however, Italian officials declared that vaccination levels have been better since it was offered.

Across the world, health authorities are grappling with a global resurgence of measles, with record numbers recorded in Europe and deadly outbreaks in the Philippines and Madagascar. "With the advent of the Internet, people have the illusion they can access and read data by themselves, removing the need for technical and scientific knowledge". That's the point at which so many people have been vaccinated against a given disease that those that have forgone their shots will still be unlikely to catch it, but it's hard to see what objective a "flexible" system serves beyond preserving opt-outs for antivaxxers.

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Unvaccinated Kids Are Now Banned From Schools In Italy