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UK, EU announce change to Brexit deal ahead of key vote

14 March 2019

In it, Mr Cox said that documents agreed in Strasbourg "reduce the risk that the United Kingdom could be indefinitely and involuntarily detained" in the backstop by European Union bad faith or a failure by Brussels to use its "best endeavours" to negotiate a permanent deal on the future relationship.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has dealt a serious blow to Theresa May's hopes of getting her Brexit deal through parliament, writing in new legal advice that the risk of being trapped in the Irish border backstop remains "unchanged" despite last-minute assurances.

It's reported the DUP will be voting against the deal and not abstaining.

"Whenever there is any update to Brexit negotiations or parliamentary votes, we see a spike in support requests as customers try to understand what it all means for the pound and our Brexit Support Desk will be anticipating lots of queries today and tomorrow once the results are known".

UK, EU announce change to Brexit deal ahead of key vote

Sir Keir said in a tweet: "Attorney General confirms that there have been no significant changes to the Withdrawal Agreement despite the legal documents that were agreed last night".

If lawmakers vote down May's deal again, they will be given a vote on Wednesday on leaving without a deal, and if they turn down that option they will vote on Thursday on delaying Brexit.

"The Prime Minister set out a clear objective for legally binding change which would command a majority in the House of Commons in line with the Brady amendment".

The currency swung about in an nearly 100-pip range soon after the House of Commons handed May her second defeat in two months on the U.K.'s divorce from the European Union. The party released a statement later saying, "In our view, sufficient progress has not been achieved at this time".

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But he conceded the risk of remaining involuntarily had been reduced.

Opposition to May's deal among members of the Conservative Party derives from a belief that it does not offer the clean break from the European Union that many voted for. "It is possible to reach a sensible deal which works for the United Kingdom and the European Union but it will require all sides to be reasonable and in deal making mode".

However, a substantial defeat for the prime minister was likely to push sterling lower, he said.

Conservative lawmaker Nicky Morgan said May's position will become "less and less tenable" if she suffers more defeats in Parliament this week.

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Sky News reports that not all of the DUP MPs are "on the same page" in regard to how the party will vote on Tuesday evening's meaningful vote.

The ERG said its legal advice was the agreement fell short of the prime minister's own tests.

Will the ERG back Theresa May's Brexit deal?

She claims the changes now means the Irish backstop - the insurance policy created to avoid a hard border in Ireland - could not "become permanent".

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The agreement was resoundingly voted down in January on the issue of the "backstop" is meant to avoid a hard border between Ireland (EU state) and Northern Ireland (part of UK), but many see it as an EU ploy to keep in the United Kingdom within the customs union and the single market.

UK, EU announce change to Brexit deal ahead of key vote