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Trump budget proposal cuts NIH research, retains border wall plan

14 March 2019

The annual White House budget, released Monday, also seeks to move more than $1 trillion in Medicaid spending to a system of block grants allowing states more control in allocating the funds, in addition to cutting another $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. Because of a tax cut for the super-wealthy that created a deficit of $1.9 trillion, and now they've got to go make somebody pay for it.

The head of a major hospital association pushed back hard, saying in a blog that "arbitrary and blunt" Medicare cuts would have a "devastating" impact on care for seniors.

Neal, who has pledged to use his position has House Ways and Means chairman to protect Medicare, the federal health insurance program largely for people ages 65 and over, added that reaffirmed his commitment to "defending Americans' access to health care". "But Medicare spending will go up every single year by healthy margins, and there are no structural changes for Medicare beneficiaries".

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The plan to winnow funding away from Medicare and Medicaid contradicts campaign promises Trump made in 2016. But his budget would make work requirements mandatory nationwide, said Robin Rudowitz, associate director for the Program on Medicaid and the Uninsured at the Kaiser Family Foundation. But the budget also serves as a menu of longtime Republican visions for the program, including repealing Medicaid expansion and Obamacare subsidies and giving states a fixed sum of money, known as a block grant, instead.

Irrespective of what happened earlier, the President said that his new budget plan is a top-priority for 2020 re-election. The Republican lawmaker cited a report from the Congressional Budget Office that the public debt is expected to reach 78 percent of gross domestic product this year. The Trump administration predicts a savings of $130 billion over the next decade if Congress enacts the proposal. The committee estimates only 11 percent of the proposed Medicare cuts come from Medicare Part D reforms.

"President Trump has somehow managed to produce a budget request even more untethered from reality than his past two", said Democratic US representative Nita Lowey, chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee. However, some of the reduction is from shifting Disproportionate Share Hospital and Graduate Medical Education programs from Medicare to other parts of the HHS budget.

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"Providers are likely to say that the proposed cuts are likely to harm patient care, especially if they think there is some possibility that Congress will adopt them", said Neuman.

A statement from AARP reflected a mix of praise and concern. "But we're also concerned about proposed cuts to programs important to seniors". Seniors with very high costs would benefit from a proposed cap on their copays, but others may actually wind up having to pay more.

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Trump budget proposal cuts NIH research, retains border wall plan