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#Trashtag: the eco-conscious social media challenge that's gone viral

14 March 2019

The post went viral and was shared more than 300K times when more people, not only "bored teens" started going out to clean and maintain areas that need it. Dubbed the Trashtag Challenge, it encourages people to pick up litter and post it on their social media accounts while adding hashtags like #trashtag or #trashtagchallenge. It is called the Trashtag Challenge and it actually has a point and serves a objective. We are loving Mother Nature's new makeover.

An army of eco-conscious people around the world are clearing up litter and sharing photos of it on Twitter using #Trashtag.

Some challenges that have gone viral on social media in the past have gained a lot of flak from the public as they have either caused young people to willingly endanger themselves or do something disrespectful in public for likes and shares.

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Photos from Nepal, Spain, India, Mexico, and other places were shared on social media platforms.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the hashtag was translated into #تحدي_انقاذ_البيئة [Save environment challenge] but the challenge found poor engagement.

The overwhelming photos of clean forests, beaches and even sidewalks has been flooding Twitter in the last month or so, but the challenge began with one avid hiker in partnership with outdoors company UCO Gear in 2015.

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It is indeed a positive social media challenge that has flooded the internet.

Writing on Facebook on 5th March, he said: 'Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it'.

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#Trashtag: the eco-conscious social media challenge that's gone viral