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New MLB Deal To Include $1M HR Derby Bonus, Single Trade Deadline

14 March 2019

Changes set to take place in 2020 include a three-batter minimum for pitchers; expanded rosters to 26 players; and a decreased September roster to 28 players.

Mound visits per team will be cut from six to five. More importantly, it will afford MLB's top stars an opportunity to market themselves and let fans in on their personalities.

The precise manner in which the singular trade deadline will impact action on the summer trade market won't be known for certain until we have multiple seasons of data, but from a distance it figures to heighten July trade activity.

All-Star bonus payments will be given to the top three vote-getters at each position in each League during the Primary Round (top six for outfielders).

-Fan voting for the All-Star Game will be divided into two rounds, with the top three vote-getters advancing for all positions except the outfield, for which six will move on.

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The changes could be implemented in 2019 if the two sides announce an agreement as soon as Thursday.

Major League Baseball and the Players Association will form a joint committee to consider other changes.

The victor of the Home Run Derby will now receive $1 million and total prize pool money for the competition increases to $2.5 million.

In the event of extra inning, both All-Star teams will start the 10th inning and every subsequent inning with a runner on second base. Deals after the non-waiver deadline made August a hotbed for incremental upgrades by teams, and the union's hope is that getting rid of them will cause teams to be more aggressive in the offseason knowing that the fallback for August deals no longer is an option. The victor of the Home Run Derby will receive $1 million. Major League Baseball is hoping, in particular, this will lead to creative social media campaigns that foster interest in the players and the game.

The active roster limit from Opening Day through August 31st and in Postseason games will increase from 25 to 26, and the minimum number of active players will increase from 24 to 25.

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There will be a cap on the number of pitchers that teams are allowed to carry on the active roster, that will be determined by the joint committee. Teams must designate each of its players as either a pitcher or a position player prior to each player's first day on the active roster for a given season.

The number of pitchers each team during the championship season or postseason may carry will be capped by a joint committee from Major League Baseball and the Players Association.

Teams must designate before each game whether a player will be used as a pitcher or position player before each game.

The biggest change, however, is that all pitchers will be required to face at least three batters, with the goal of eliminating the excessive use of relief specialists. The joint announcement only says the MLBPA "will not grieve or otherwise challenge" the rule change in 2020.

The amount of days pitchers must spend on the Injured List increases from 10 for 15 days as does the minimum assignment period of pitchers optioned to the minors. MLB's current collective bargaining agreement with the MLBPA expires on December 1, 2021.

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New MLB Deal To Include $1M HR Derby Bonus, Single Trade Deadline