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Hiring intentions for employers across Singapore in Q2 2019

14 March 2019

More than 1,900 Canadian employers shared data for the survey. Vancouver's net employment outlook, a score that adds up hiring intentions and subtracts staff reduction, of 8 percent is a one-point bump from last quarter's and a 17-point decrease from the outlook as reported during the same time a year ago.

Statewide, the employment outlook is "upbeat", according to ManpowerGroup. The most notable decreases of 5 percentage points are reported in both Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal, while Outlooks are 4 and 3 percentage points weaker in Gauteng and Western Cape, respectively. Between those jobs and the latest Manpower survey, Borhot calls it a good scenario and says people are coming back into the workforce. Of the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas, the strongest job gains are expected in Greensboro, N.C. (+35%), Denver, Col. (+34%), Indianapolis, Ind. (+33%), Sacramento, Cal. (+32%), Albany, N.Y.

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Province-wide, Alberta can expect a nine pre cent increase in hiring.

Hiring prospects strengthen in five of the 10 industry sectors when compared with the previous quarter. Employers in the leisure and hospitality sector reported the strongest hiring intentions for the first quarter, with 35% planning to increase hiring and a seasonally adjusted net employment outlook of 25%. In addition, the public administration, manufacturing, and finance, insurance and real estate sectors are also seeing healthy hiring prospects with net outlooks scoring between 14 and 16 percent.

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It was one of the two sectors that have weaker hiring prospects in the upcoming quarter. The sector has now recorded its least optimistic year since the depths of the financial crisis in 2009, while the Transport, Storage and Comms sector has recorded a negative Employment Outlook for three straight quarters - its least optimistic Outlook since 2010.

Over in Hong Kong, employers report the strongest hiring intentions in seven years for Q2 2019, with active labour markets expected in the mining & construction and services sectors.

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Employers in IN (+33%), ME (+33%), Alaska (+28%), Colorado (+27%), Kansas (+26%), North Carolina (+26%) and OR (+26%) report the strongest Outlooks nationwide. "With strong applicants in short supply, employers are faced with a very candidate-driven market". Meanwhile, Micro- and Medium-size employers report cautious hiring plans with Outlooks of +1%. The survey encompassed more than 60,000 employers around the world, including more than 11,600 in the US. When compared with the second quarter of 2018, Outlooks improve in 13 countries and territories, but decline in 27 and are unchanged in four.