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Firefox Send free file transfer service now available for all

14 March 2019

Given that the files are encrypted and aren't stored, however, it's going to be ruddy hard for anyone to find out what you've sent anyway.

Test Pilot programmes are Mozilla's way of trying out new functionality, whether standalone products or browser features, in beta form. After going to the site, users can drag and drop a link, choose an expiration date, or limit the number of downloads.

Firefox Send acts as a secure file-transfer service, meant to help you privately share sensitive files with others. The maximum for both being 100 downloads and seven days, respectively. You can also set a time limit before deletion-seven days, one day, one hour, or five minutes.

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To protect the file with a password for an extra layer of security. Your recipients don't need to create an account with Firefox, they can simply download the files directly using any browser.

The service is billed as a simple - and free - way to send large files.

Firefox Send allows users to send up to 1GB of files for free.

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Mozilla's offering is hardly innovative, but it's easy to use and feels less cumbersome than other services. 'Sending files over the internet is something many of us do everyday.

The nonprofit behind the popular open-source web browser has its new encrypted self-destructing file-sharing platform, . This concept is in vogue right now; Snapchat-like impermanence was also mentioned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a core tenet for privacy and security in that company's stated future plans.

Firefox Send is now available through the web portal, but Mozilla said the service would also be available as an Android app in beta later this week.

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Check out Firefox Send here →.

Firefox Send free file transfer service now available for all