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Chrome 73 finally supports dark mode on Mac

14 March 2019

As per Chrome 73's release notes, Windows support is "on the way". These themes changed the color of the menu bars and interface along with the default Google search home page.

Chrome's Dark Mode does look like the browser's Incognito Mode, which might make things a little confusing when you are using the private mode after having enabled the Dark Mode as there's only the Incognito badge differentiating the two browsing modes.

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The update to version 73 of Google Chrome is also coming on Android following the recent landing on other operating systems. Google confirmed the announcement in a blog post and says they are extending the performance improvements offered by Chrome Lite page to HTTPS pages and will provide direct feedback to the developers who want it.

While previously you can download themes through the Chrome store to get yourself a DIY dark mode, the latest update will automatically turn your Chrome browser into dark mode if you've already enabled it in your Mac settings. Among the key changes brought by Chrome 73, it finally introduces dark mode for the browser's macOS version.

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To show users when a page has been optimised, Chrome shows a Lite icon in the URL bar, denoting that a toned down version of the page is being displayed.

Users can tap the indicator to see more information and to access an option to load the original version of the page, which would be the full version. Moreover, it introduces support for progressive Web apps (PWAs), now live on all desktop platforms as well as mobile. Among the biggest new features of this release, we can mention support for Dark Mode on macOS. If not, you can also go to Chrome - About Google Chrome and trigger the update manually. It is pushing for more security via HTTPS while also encouraging developers to optimize pages for efficient data use.

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Chrome 73 finally supports dark mode on Mac