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Company that promised one-way ticket to Mars goes bankrupt

13 February 2019

In an interview with Engadget, Lansdorp said that the Mars One Foundation - the non-profit arm of the project - was still operating, but unable to do anything without any investors. In 2015, an insider whistleblower claimed the group had no real plan to realize its interplanetary pitch and had vastly exaggerated the number of people who'd actually applied.

Mars One Ventures has for some time been involved in the controversy over its dubious plan to send individuals to Mars, where they would supposedly live out the remainder of their lives.

Mars One selected volunteers all over the world who agreed to go to the Red Planet without the possibility of returning back to Earth.

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The company planned to document every step of the journey to Mars, including the selection of astronauts and their training.

Mars One's timelines were continually evolving, as well. "During the last few months, discussions have been held with a new investment company", Mars One said today.

He stated that the nonprofit foundation of Mars One, the Netherlands-based Mars One Foundation, was still alive but has no investment to add any value to the company.

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According to the company, Mars One's total debts current amount to CHF 1.1m, or around $1.11m. But it's unclear what that entity might now be able to accomplish, as it was the Ventures unit that was supposed to produce money to pay for the space mission. The list was cut down to 1,058 finalists - who then went through several more rounds of reductions.

Be that as it may, many of Mars One's claims have come under intense scrutiny in the years since its beginning.

The company's creator, Bas Lansdorp has also confirmed the news of bankruptcy stating he was working on a solution.

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A Swiss court declared the commercial division of the Mars One project, the goal of which is to colonize planet Mars, bankrupt.

Company that promised one-way ticket to Mars goes bankrupt