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Chrome’s latest themes come straight from Google

13 February 2019

With that in mind, it's a bit odd to see the Chrome team making themes of its own. The browser also has a smart dark mode, which turns light backgrounds black or dark-gray, all the while leaving all other colors as they are.

Overall, there are 14 themes (15 if you count the default theme) on offer "with love from the Chrome team" and they all look solid. Mozilla did drop support for full themes with the release of Firefox 57 and Firefox's capabilities in that regard have moved closer to Chrome's even though they are still more powerful than what Google Chrome offers.

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In its current form, activating native Dark Mode support in Chrome still requires users to add special flags to Chrome executables. Chrome's new themes are positioned right at the top of the main page, so they aren't very hard to find. Which makes me wonder why most of the themes in this collection are simple shades after shades of color, while some are simply ridiculous, like this High Contrast Colorful one here.

Head here to look at all the new themes.

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Chrome won't display an installation dialog for themes, but it will display a notification bar at the top that indicates to the user that a new theme was just installed. You need to go to chrome://settings/ for an option to reset the theme to the default. Google wants to remind us that themes in Chrome are a thing with a bunch of new internally-designed looks for your favorite browser.

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Chrome’s latest themes come straight from Google