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NASA seeks industry help for human lunar landers

11 February 2019

At the same time the Russians are planning to send astronauts to the moon in 2031 to set up experiments by the Russian Academy of Sciences, report Sputnik who claims to have had access to documents from the Russian Central Research Institute of Machine Building.

The most ambitious space project of the Chinese space agency, so far, the Chang'e-4 mission to the dark side of the Moon, goes standby mode into preparation for the second lunar night which might lower the temperatures to minus 190 degrees Celsius.

Bridenstine added: 'The Gateway will be the home base for the first reusable human lunar lander system. "But to some, saying we're returning to the moon implies we'll be doing the same as we did 50 years ago. I want to be clear - that is not our vision", said Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator.

Across the Atlantic, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine commented on USA plans for a lunar mission posted on the Ozy news outlet yesterday.

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"We want to get started as quickly as possible".

NASA has reportedly been given a clear mandate to by Donald Trump and Congress to step up space missions with Mars the ultimate goal.

He said: "That starts with the Gateway - a lunar orbiting outpost created to ensure the safe transit of astronauts to the lunar surface and back home again".

Bridenstine revealed the agency's goals for the near and distant futures, including getting astronauts back to the Moon and sending the first ones to Mars.

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The last time NASA sent humans to the moon was 1972, so the trip is probably long overdue.

Bridenstine says the reinvigorated mission will introduce the Moon to the more than two-thirds of Americans that were not alive for the iconic Apollo landing.

"Extraordinary as they were, for many the lunar expeditions are facts from history books or stories told by older relatives". "This is an exciting time to be leading America's space program".

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NASA seeks industry help for human lunar landers