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Jennifer Tilly reacts to Child's Play remake: 'Ummm

10 February 2019

The upcoming version of the movie slightly alters Chucky's background, however, as he is still a doll, albeit run by artificial intelligence gone wild. Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza) buys her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) the Buddi, but they quickly discover that the doll is hiding an evil secret. In fact, should anyone choose to give the new Child's Play a miss, they'll even have a small screen alternative to go to in the form of Mancini's Chucky TV series on SyFy. Chucky 2.0 appears to be following a killer robot narrative. Chucky's in the cloud now?

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It's definitely an interesting twist on the terrifying tale, making Chucky not so much a possessed doll but a robot on the rampage (more like a toy-sized Terminator). Instead, the remake was overseen by writer Tyler Burton Smith and Norwegian director Lars Klevberg. It is also being produced by the creative team behind Stephen King's It reboot.

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Child's Play sees a sleek, modern company, known for its internet-connected devices like drones, robotic vacuums, and a centralized hub, developing a sophisticated kids doll for entry into the children's toy market. "And I did create the character and nurture the franchise for three f*cking decades".

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Nonetheless, you can look forward to MGM's Child's Play remake premiering June 21. Will you be seeing it or are you a die-hard Mancini enthusiast?

Jennifer Tilly reacts to Child's Play remake: 'Ummm