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DUI suspect starts busting moves during roadside sobriety test

10 February 2019

His foot was on the brake, deputies said, and he appeared to be asleep.

The sheriff's office told WTVT that Larson's blood alcohol level when he was arrested was more than three times Florida's legal limit for driving.

The man, Christopher Ryan Larson, of Trinity, was arrested on Tuesday, the day before he turned 34, according to jail records.

Deputies said Larson also blew into a breathalyzer where he got a reading of 0.28 BAC.

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He was awoken by deputies but then tried to get out the vehicle while the auto was in drive.

A field sobriety test was performed, and Larson appeared disoriented and did not follow proper instructions - even dancing along the line during the exercise, according to deputies. The officer was able to jump in just in time to stop it from hitting a gate it was idling in front of. That's when the dancing began. At one point, Larson turns on one foot, as if performing a dance move and then begins bounce-walking in the opposite direction.

Larson reportedly told Fox that he would "not call what he did in the video dancing", but did not comment further on the arrest.

When asked if he knew where he was, Larson said he was in Clearwater - which is about 16 miles south of Holiday.

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In one part of the video, a deputy is heard asking Larson if he is done with the test, to which Larson responds "No not really", before he continues.

Larson was actually parked at a location near Berry Hill Road and Grand Boulevard in Holiday.

Larson spoke with FOX 13's Briona Arradondo over the phone.

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DUI suspect starts busting moves during roadside sobriety test