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2 days remain for Denver Public Schools, teachers union to reach deal

18 January 2019

We'll hear the debate on both sides.

Schools in Los Angeles remain open during the strike.

Los Angeles Times: "Striking L.A. teachers are part of a national movement". But there are also some big differences, as The Times reported earlier this month. And the vast majority of Los Angelenos say they support the teachers ー almost 80 percent, according to the most recent polling. These committees must demand full access to the behind-the-scenes negotiations being conducted by the UTLA, the school district and the mayor and governor's office.

"A lot of schools have been losing students to charters and there have been a number of schools even in this community that have lost teachers".

The teacher, who asked not to be identified, was "livid" upon seeing how students were being used, and many strikers attributed a larger student population on Tuesday to the administration's deceptive media stunt aimed at parents.

Teachers Strike scabs
2 days remain for Denver Public Schools, teachers union to reach deal

"The rapid growth of charters has created an alternate constituency of parents who support charters and may resent the dark way the union casts their schools". In 2017, two charter school advocates won seats on the LAUSD board. "Union membership - and the accompanying dues that fuel campaigns - essentially have become optional".

The union president acknowledged that much of the requested money would have to come from Sacramento, and said it's taking steps to try to get it. Teachers in Denver, Colorado will be voting for strike action on January 19, and thousands of educators in Virginia are planning a mass rally in Richmond on January 28.

For the second day in a row, as many as 50,000 strikers, parents and students converged on the city center, this time in front of the headquarters of the California Charter Schools Association.

"'Sí se puede' - yes we can - declared a crowd of educators outside Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Koreatown".

The district's general counsel, Michelle Berge, on Wednesday said the union wants to take $10 million being used now to incentivize teaching in high-poverty schools and spread the money around "like peanut butter".

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In opposition to the UTLA's craven abandonment of the teachers' most critical demands, rank-and-file teachers should draw up their own set of demands, including a 30 percent pay raise, a cap on class sizes of 25 students, billions for the hiring of new nurses and staff, the ending of punitive testing for students and teachers, and the immediate reconversion of charter schools into public schools.

Huffington Post: "Opinion: I'm An LAUSD Teacher". Precious, a young LA teacher, said, "We need to have a statewide and nationwide strike wave".

"They came for shelter from the rain".

With Los Angeles public schools ending a third day without their striking teachers, a deal between the union and the district remains elusive, according to Joseph Zeccola, a 2018-19 L.A. County Teacher of the Year and one of more than 30,000 educators now protesting in the country's second-largest school district.

The teachers walked off the job at 7:30 a.m. PST. "We are more convinced than ever that the district won't move unless there is a strike".

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This week's school lunch menu in Los Angeles sounds pretty great. On Monday, she had planned to send her kids to school wearing red, just like the teachers on strike.

"When people talk about the LAUSD strike, they should consider the fact that 98 percent of us voted to give our union permission to call the strike".

But is the union fighting the right battle? This goes unopposed by the UTLA and their paid staff who tell teachers, "You have to follow the district's rules.' We used to have 43,000 teachers, and now we're down to 33,000".

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2 days remain for Denver Public Schools, teachers union to reach deal