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HTC’s Prototype Vive Focus Controllers Look Strangely Familiar

12 January 2019

However the brand has announced that the headset sports built-in eye tracking, a feature not found in most VR headsets, and that allows for the users' eye movement to be tracked for an improved VR experience.

HTC is pushing its efforts in the virtual reality (VR) headset business. Commercially seen for the first time in conjunction with Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets, at CES 2019 this week VRFocus came across the prototype pair of controllers for HTC's standalone headset, Vive Focus. The implication of this is that HTC may offer tools that will allow developers to take this feature into account, but this has yet to be confirmed.

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In addition, HTC revealed details on its VivePort Infinity subscription service, which is basically Xbox Game Pass for VR.

Based on statements from HTC, it would seem the Vive Pro Eye opens several new doors in regards to accessibility and innovation.

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According to HTC, its Cosmos VR headset is the one to compete directly with the Oculus Quest, as it's promising to offer "absolute comfort, easy setup, and will require no external tracking", as HTC reported. It is created to facilitate the experience of interaction with the VR helmet since the beginning of its use. "Our fans simply operate menus by using their eyes". The product is an upgrade on HTC's current VIVE Pro model. Revealed alongside Cosmos, the "Vive Reality System" reimagines what VR should look like in the age of spatial computing, with fresh ways to display content and transport users between immersive environments. "When we first launched our Subscription service, we gave consumers the ability to try 5 titles a month. We want VR to feel less like launching apps and instead like stepping between worlds".

"We believe Cosmos will make VR more easily accessible to those who may not have invested in VR before and also be a superior experience for VR enthusiasts", O'Brien said. Vive Reality combines a user interface, browser, virtual reality, digital showcase (with available virtual reality games and other content) as well as social service.

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HTC’s Prototype Vive Focus Controllers Look Strangely Familiar