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Software can crack down on users who share Netflix accounts

11 January 2019

If you and your friends all share a Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or any other streaming account in order to save some money, things might be getting a little more hard for you in the years to come.

While Synamedia says it will help providers shut down large-scale, for-profit account sharing run by fraudsters, regular users will also be targeted for "upselling".

While Netflix offers the ability to share with others, it is believed that standard is abused and log-in information is being shared with more than makes financial sense for the company.

At this years CES, Synamedia, which is the largest independent video software provider, introduced a new service, Credentials Sharing Insight, that will be able to spot any passwords that have been shared.

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The UK company claims by looking at variables such as where the streaming service is being used, the content watched, the device used to watch it and more it can calculate a probability of how likely it is a particular user is sharing their password.

Its AI-powered system works by analyzing where users are logged in and quickly flagging shared accounts.

A Synamedia spokesman reportedly said "casual credentials sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore".

Snyamedia learned from research done by Magid that roughly 26 percent of millennials share their personal Netflix credentials, creating a potentially massive loss in revenue.

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It is expected anything from sending an email alerting the user to more premium account models that allow more than one person to access the service to a complete account ban entirely are possible repercussions.

The company says its software is clever enough to know if you're watching from your house or a holiday home.

Synamedia aims to crack down on password sharers with a new system that streaming services can pay to access. It is already in trials with some pay-TV operators.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.

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Software can crack down on users who share Netflix accounts